Take 3: Key Design Innovations in Sub-Acute Care

Highlighting emerging approaches in three health sectors enhancing patient integration, agency and whole healing.

Specific design developments in sub-acute care can improve health outcomes and decrease loadthe  on acute care settings. Focusing on three distinct health sectors – Hospice, Rehabilitation and Mental Health – we will examine their unique design and care model interventions to focus on the parallels that are essential to them all: the augmentation of patient agency, care of the whole person, and the dismantling of divisions. The result is a highly attuned and effective healing environment in partnership with patient-centered clinical care practices.

Key Objectives:

  1. Learn how the blending of patient and staff zones can lead to accelerated healing and a more broadly supported recovery in physical rehabilitation.
  2. Discover how a fresh approach to freedom of movement can cultivate stabilization in a mental health environment.
  3. See how community integration in hospice care can dismantle social isolation for patients and their families.
  4. Appreciate how the attunement, development of and investment into subacute care in our three focus areas can directly link to relief in acute care.