Mahina Wright, M.Arch., B.Sc., EDAC, AIBC

Mahina Wright is currently working in Healthcare Architecture in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, a field that is proving to be ideal in fusing her passion for creativity with her background in the sciences. After earning her Bachelors of Biology, and taking time to raise her three young daughters, Mahina completed her Masters of Architecture at the University of British Columbia where she wrote her thesis on the integration of the Hospice into our community landscape in order to dismantle our collective fears around death, and to foster support and belonging for the dying and their loved ones.

Previous to her Architecture studies, Mahina spent a decade working in the field of Recreational Education- a sector which has the inclusion of all ages and abilities at its core and was a key influence in her understanding of Design’s capacity to potentially include or exclude members of a community.

Mahina is also an exhibiting artist working with watercolours and mixed media, exploring the relationship between the concrete physical without and the fluid, ephemeral within that is the paradox of humanity.

  • Company:HDR Architecture Limited
  • Short Bio:Intern, Architect
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