Why Attend

Connect, Share, Innovate.

Dear Healthcare Leaders,

In healthcare, ‘more for less’ means better outcomes, greater convenience, access and simplicity. In short, better patient care and more efficient operations. The strategic objective of CCHF conferences is to identify how healthcare environments are adapting to incorporate innovations in the planning, design and construction of projects.  An important part of the sessions is to share challenges and lessons learned throughout the process. Join us and learn from thought leaders, multi-disciplinary experts and healthcare professionals. Tour selected innovative locations.  Interactive, structured sessions also benefit innovative minds in the room.


  1. To learn about how innovative approaches in the healthcare facilities planning, design and development processes are being used to future proof design and improve the patient experience. Lessons learned will be shared.
  2. To learn how innovations in clinical and operational care are impacting the design process fundamentally changing the types of service and infrastructure planning.
  3. To inform each other through questions and groups discussions on issues and challenges and shed light on the audience’s experiences.
  4. To network with key designers, constructors, health authorities, clinicians, project officers, architects and engineers, IT architects etc…

Learn from healthcare leaders and experts. Bring your viewpoint to the table in our interactive sessions.


  • Owners and operators, Leadership from Hospitals
  • ‘C’ Suite healthcare leaders
  • Clinical Leads (CMIOs, Nursing, Medical leads)
  • Capital Planning leaders and Project Directors
  • ICAT / IMIT Leaders
  • Design / Build Executives
  • Constructors / Project Managers
  • Consulting / Design Engineers
  • Architects
  • Planning Consultants
  • Infection Control Professionals
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Capital Planners, Infrastructure Planners
  • Hospital Service Providers
  • Energy Services Companies
  • Healthcare Vendors


“All Good!”

“Well Done!”

“The conference was excellent. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the speakers and topics covered.”

“Great engagement on the group discussions. Keep doing what your doing and strive to continuously attract subject  matter experts. ”

“There are a lot of healthcare projects in Vancouver presently so very relevant.”

“Important to have a general knowledge on a broad range of topics! Appreciate them all.”

“Good Networking”

“I attend this conference as many times as I can because of the quality of the presentations, speakers, great organization from registration to this form. Food is always healthy and high quality and last but not least – I know the organizers who run a very good organization.”

“Loved it”
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“All [topics were] very good”
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“Excellent day – very well put-off [on], very informative”
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“Well Done – Good Venue – Good Pace – Good Topics!”


“Great day – thanks! Great presentations + knowledge sharing.”

“Well done, Rita!”