Jill de Grood

Jill de Grood completed her Masters degree in Sociology at the University of Calgary. Her thesis project examined factors impacting lawyer’s physical and mental health. She completed a Certificate in Professional Management in 2015 and recently completed the University of Calgary’s ULead Experiential Leadership Program. She has been in an evolving leadership role with W21C for seven years, with involvement in numerous industry partner projects in areas such as technology assessment, infection prevention and control, as well as examining the effectiveness of health care innovations and their impact on patient care. Jill is a published author with eight journal publications along with two knowledge translation pieces. She is currently the Director of W21C, bringing a strategic perspective to the W21C on the challenges and opportunities the program faces. She works with the W21C team, external stakeholders and partners to build on the success of the W21C program over the past 12 years. 


  • Company:Ward of the 21st Century (W21C)
  • Short Bio:Director
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