Innovative Design for Research & Clinical Practice

Presentations: Scroll over to view / download Jane&Gordon1 Jill de Grood – W21C CCHF Presentation – October 12 2016

The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy was purpose-built to encourage the sharing of ideas and innovations. The building was designed using urban planning methodologies to create communities with shared amenities and light filled common spaces.The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy is home to a collaborative community of researchers, educators and students from across all faculties working to improve health outcomes for all Canadians. The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy is student-focused, with the space and the technology for a new generation of students to transition seamlessly into a workforce where teamwork and technology are the standard tools of practice. The panel will showcase successes of innovations resulting from this collaborations and lessons learned for future planning.

Ward of the 21st century focuses on inpatient and in clinic testing for new products and design of healthcare facilities. This integrated, interdisciplinary clinical approach has been used in healthcare facilities across Alberta driving innovation in design and patient care. Specific examples will be showcased.