PANEL: Embedding Cultural Safety in the Redevelopment Process Urban and Rural Initiatives

Lake of Woods District Hospital (LWDH) and Kenora Chiefs Advisory Inc. have been working in partnership with the goal of improving health outcomes for all people of the region. A 2017 resolution signed by First Nation, Metis, and Municipal Leadership was a call to action, to drive plans forward for a new hospital that marries traditional medicine with Western medicine. The 2017 All Nations Health Care System Signing Ceremony in Kenora renewed momentum for LWDH to partner to establish the new hospital.

The new All Nations Hospital (ANH) is proposed to be part of a campus of care that is evolving to include up to 10 health and social service partners. The ANH will be the culmination of years of commitment by all parties; not only to a new modern and efficient hospital, but an environment suited to traditional medicine alongside western medicine, where the environment supports this goal, and patients and families feel culturally safe.

CHEO 1Door4Care Description

CHEO has expanded its operations to include an integrated children’s treatment centre. This project involves the construction of an integrated care centre for children and teens that will merge seven care locations into a single, state-of-the-art, purpose-built site on CHEO’s main campus at Smyth Road. Connected by a link to the main hospital building, this 220,000 square foot building will include medical clinics, treatment rooms, family support spaces, a school, a preschool and a range of multi-use clinical spaces. This $558 million project is being delivered using Infrastructure Ontario’s DBF model.

With the help of NVision, the project team is consulting with Indigenous communities to ensure that the facility and its services are a welcoming space for all First Nations, Inuit and Métis families. In addition, the Project Design & Compliance Consultant, B+H Architects, subcontracted an Indigenous Consultant from Whitehorse, Yukon, to further support CHEO with the development of compliance specs that are inclusive of First Nations, Inuit and Métis values.

This development demonstrates an industry shift toward the future of planning and design for healthcare capital projects. Are you ready?