Innovative Care at the Kaye Clinic and Lessons Learned

Presentation: (Scroll over to view / download) Kaye Edmonton Clinic

At full capacity, The Kaye Edmonton Clinic consolidates 80 outpatient clinics under one roof and provide ambulatory services to more than one million patients every year, including thousands from across western and northern Canada. Unique to Alberta, this nine-storey, 670,000 square foot facility brings multi-disciplinary teams of specialists together under one roof including surgical, medical, family and seniors’ clinics, as well as orthopedic and neurosciences clinics.

The Executive leadership of the Kaye Edmonton Clinic will present on how the vision for the Kaye Edmonton Clinic incorporated innovative design and technologies to improve care by offering a variety and depth of specialized services outside of the acute care environment. The outcomes of improved benefits to servicing the region and lessons learned will be shared.