Human factors simulation: Improving modelling and procurement


Human factors to evaluate healthcare environments and equipment – CCHF – Jonas Shultz 

Human Factors Case Study – Anjum Chagpar

Human Factors Case Study – Anjum Chagpar

Additional information:

Human factors evaluation of an interventional trauma operating room mock-up – Biesbroek, Shultz, Kirkpatrick, Kortbeek, 2012

Identification of ICU system integration conflicts – Evaluation of two mock-up rooms using patient simulation – Chisholm et al. 2008

Supportive living resident suite evaluation – Using simulation to evaluate a mock-up – Shultz & Chisholm, 2010

Jonas will overview the human factors simulation model developed at the Health Quality of Alberta, the first of its kind in the world that has been applied in the design of a trauma OR at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary and the use of the simulation model moving forward.

Anjum will present how human factors simulation is used to assess new technologies quality and safety. Designing for human use helps to identify the human abilities and limitations that are relevant to design. Anjum will review the UHN study of the procurement of technologies and recommendations arising from this work.