Going Beyond Minimums for Infection Control during Construction – Building it Right Now to Save Lives for Years to Come




Healthcare Facilities Acquired Infections (HAI) have become a key focus for many healthcare organizations and regulatory authorities. Often, HAI are due to pathogens deposited during construction from years or decades ago. These pathogens are raised during renovation and maintenance activities. By implementing innovative construction techniques during new construction, these legacy HAI’s can be significantly reduced and potentially eliminated.
By developing appropriate communications channels, construction techniques, measurement systems and a culture of “cause no harm”, this team has shown that you can build hospitals that leaves minimal impact for the future. They are building for the ages where HAIs are not attributed to the built environment.
Learning Objectives:
1. Attendees will gain practical knowledge of methods to create the culture of infection prevention at the earliest stages of construction.
2. Attendees will take away tools with which to “sell” a strong program to senior leaders in the construction industry or to their health care clients.