Design of the POE Research Study at West Park Healthcare Centre

West Park Healthcare Centre (WPHC) is opening the door to a new era in healthcare delivery with one of the most exciting and transformative post-acute hospital redevelopments in Ontario. In undertaking such an endeavour, it is incumbent to conduct a formal evaluation of the impact of the new facility. The aim of WPHC’s Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is to confirm that the design intentions and outcomes were achieved, the overall facility design contributes to the improved health of its users, the results contribute to the design of future healthcare capital projects, and the outcomes provide unique contributions to the healthcare design literature. A framework was developed using internal research expertise, and a partnership with external MOHLTC stakeholders and internal WPHC participants was formed in order to identify indicators and research questions that were based on clearly articulated project goals. In addition, priorities from several external expert organizations were incorporated into identifying the key indicators, including the MOHLTC priorities, OASIS principles, HQO’s six health quality dimensions, external literature sources and WELL building standards. This comprehensive engagement has allowed for a solid structure to support a robust POE.