Building Infection Prevention into the Building’s Infrastructure

Presentation: Building In Infection Prevention

After attending this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify current CSA standards referencing infection prevention in health care facilities
  • Understand the limitations on the development processes in standards development
  • See methods to innovate beyond the standards when planning health care facilities

This session explores three current CSA standards surrounding infection prevention in healthcare facility design and construction.  Some of the most recent standards thinking and proposals for inclusion into upcoming standards will be discussed.  The session will then explore moving beyond the standard requirements to developing innovation design.  Real life examples of installations that stretch the limits and go beyond standard requirements will be explored from the points of view of understanding the emerging technologies, evaluating the installations, getting buy-in from users and regulators.  The St. Mary’s General Hospital has implemented innovative technologies in their existing building as well as in the planning for new construction and our speakers will explore that process identifying the successes and challenges of moving beyond the standards.