David Thom

As the President of IBI Group and member of the Board of Directors, David Thom is responsible for providing executive leadership to the company with a particular focus on managing and leading the firm’s multidisciplinary teams of professionals. He specializes in the planning and design of complex projects that integrate urban design, architecture, transportation and technology. He has had senior responsibility for many major urban development projects across Canada, the USA and internationally including public/private partnerships and private finance initiatives.

David has been involved in the IBI Healthcare+ practice since 1976 and has worked on notable projects such as St. Paul’s Hospital, BC Children’s Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, McGill University Health Centre and others.  His approach to the design of healthcare projects is to align the site planning and building architecture with the client’s functional requirements in a way that creates civic identity, promotes linkages with the surrounding community, and integrates best practices and innovative design.



  • Company:IBI Group
  • Short Bio:President
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