Project Innovation to transform Real Estate Investments – Moving from Sick Care to Wellness Care

CCHF Presentation June 2016


Investment strategies into real estate across Canada are transforming from focusing only on acute care sector to encompassing all health care which includes wellness.   As a result health care buildings are evolving to be more flexible in design and offer an increased variety of services. They are becoming places where people in the community congregate, play and work. Our presenters will discuss how innovative developments are transforming the traditional meaning, purpose and uses of healthcare facilities.


Clifford Harvey, Vice-President, Planning, Facilities and Support Services, North York General Hospital, ON

Cliff will speak to how the traditional acute hospital designs are being disrupted by innovative practices and technology that in turn create new and innovative spaces and buildings that can be scaled to meet the community’s needs, and how traditional design process and standards are responding, or not!  What to watch for.


Stef J. Schiedon, Executive Director – Strategic Planning and Real Estate, Fraser Health Authority

Stef will speak of how building of the innovative design process discussed by Marco, real projects are coming to life in BC to support the transformation of a healthcare system to be fully embracing the spectrum of health and wellbeing.