Shawn Drake

Shawn Drake is Managing Partner of Workforce Edge, a strategic consulting organization that partners across health systems with Ministries and Departments of Health, healthcare systems employers, unions, frontline staff, and recently involving patients and their families. Staff scheduling and deployment, and the policy and operational decisions that involve it should form a significant cornerstone of healthcare organization strategy. The scheduling function deploys upwards of 70% of the budget, delivers care and skill to the bedside and is one of the most emotive and engaging areas for all staff. Shawn is dedicated to this intersection possessing deep experience in the assessment and diagnosis of staff scheduling and workforce utilization problems, process design and cultural transformation related to schedule improvement, staff scheduling practice, relief staffing models, and staff scheduling / timekeeping system integration and implementation, and termination of the current state.

Each core practice of Shawn and his team are highly collaborative in nature; purposely aligning with the culture of healthcare organizations in developing required responsible strategic, and sustainable frameworks.

He holds an MSc from The Management Centre at King’s College London, and is currently completing his doctoral dissertation at the School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University in Ottawa. He is co-Chair of an initiative with CCHL and HealthCareCan raising the visibility of staff scheduling and deployment towards the sustainability of health services delivery. He has founded a Practitioner’s Panel on health workforce mobilization with the ICPA-Forum on whose board he serves.

  • Company:Workforce Edge
  • Short Bio:Managing Partner
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