Ron McIntyre, Architect AIBC, AAA, SAA, OAA, MRAIC

A partner of DIALOG, Ronald B McIntyre is one of the practice’s healthcare design leaders.

Ronald has 30 years of experience as an integrated architect, healthcare planner and strategic advisor to healthcare clients across the globe. He is renowned for his collaborative approach to design and strategic planning, and his ability to find solutions that are creative, functional, and fiscally responsible.

While he has worked on projects of all scopes and sizes, his key areas of focus have been on the strategic rethinking of health care delivery at both national and regional health authority levels, and Alternate Project Delivery (P3/DB) from both the compliance and procurement perspectives. His most valuable contribution is as “trusted advisor,” establishing project parameters and key design directions at the beginning of the project process to establish the framework for innovative design, operational outcomes and long term value for money.


  • Company:DIALOG
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