Kathleen Hunter, PhD, RN, NP, GNC(C)

Kathleen Hunter, PhD, RN, NP, GNC (C) Having focused her career on gerontological nursing, Kathleen has worked with older adults in continuing care, home care and acute care settings. Prior to joining the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, Kathleen worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse in continuing care and acute geriatric services, and as an NP in acute geriatric services. As a faculty member with a secondment agreement with Specialized Geriatric Services at the Glenrose Hospital, she has a unique perspective on the physical environment and its clinical implications for older adult patients, grounding her research within clinical practice. Her research focuses on the interplay between physical issues and other geriatric symptom syndromes such as falls and dementia, older adult transitions between community and hospital and advanced practice nursing, the influence of hearing and visual impairment on the safety of older adults with dementia in inpatient units, and hospital readiness communication tools and emergency department care transitions for older adults. In 2014, Kathleen received the Canadian Association for Nursing Research Practitioner Researcher Award.


  • Company:University of Alberta
  • Short Bio:Researcher and Gerontological Nurse
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