John E. Christie

John has had a profound influence on the design of healthcare facilities during his career. Although he is well-known within the relatively small group of firms that practise in this area of specialty, and in spite his significant contribution to the evolution of hospital planning and design, his career has been largely “under the radar” for the rest of the profession. A larger-than-life character, John is passionate in his work with clients, collaboratively creating hospitals that surpass their wildest expectations of how successfully a healthcare facility can meet the needs of patients, families and staff. John Christie was been awarded fellowship status by the RAIC earlier this year.

John is a strong advocate for the P3 procurement method for the design and construction of infrastructure; he works tirelessly to ensure that the benefits greatly outweigh any drawbacks. He and his talents are highly respected by clients, healthcare users and hospital contractors.

  • Company:Parkin Architects Limited
  • Short Bio:Director
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