Dr. Don Morris, MD PhD FRCPC

For Dr. Don Morris, the concept of ”just another normal day at the office” doesn’t exist. With current designations that span the cancer care spectrum, Morris is an oncology expert, facing challenges as they appear on a daily basis across his several positions. The number of balls he has in the air is a large part of why he loves what he does.

“There are very few average days, and that’s why I like coming to work,” says Morris. “You know, apart from getting out of bed, taking the dogs for a walk, having a cup of coffee and getting into the car — that’s pretty standard. [But] once you hit the doors here, there is always something unexpected.”

Described by his long-time colleague Dr. Douglas Stewart as a “quadruple threat,” Morris holds a laundry list of high-ranking designations in the research, clinical, administrative and teaching worlds.

Today, his titles include facility medical director for Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre, department head for the clinical department of oncology in the Calgary zone, medical lead for the Calgary Cancer Project, associate senior medical director for CancerControl Alberta, and professor and head of the department of oncology at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine.

Having a foot in each area, Morris explains, is an extension of a philosophy he looks to imprint on everyone he mentors, including his own children.

“I tell my kids, ‘If an opportunity presents itself, even if it’s a bit scary for you, but would challenge you, then do it,’” he says.

  • Company:Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Alberta Health Services
  • Short Bio:Clinical Department Head of Oncology and Medical Lead
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