Debra Davies

Debra Davies is the Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department at Toronto General Hospital. For the past 36 years (since 1986) at UHN, Debra has demonstrated unwavering leadership for all of the Emergency Department nurses but also for other staff including ward clerks, hospital assistants, housekeepers and physicians. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Debra was instrumental in helping UHN pivot and ensuring her team was supported in bringing innovative ideas to fruition quickly. These ideas included the installation of plexiglass at nursing stations and the use of tray tables to promote physical distancing and help protect staff.

Debra is a pragmatic visionary, a systems thinker and is always striving for constant improvement in the quality of patient care. Her passionate belief in the power and efficiency of electronic systems translates to her forward-thinking approach and contributions to the UHN Digital teams. In 2020, Debra was named Canada’s Nursing Hero by Hospital News after being nominated by her colleagues. She was also awarded the UHN Local Impact Award for her compassion, her ability to inspire others and her collaborative nature in order to foster strong cross-departmental relationships.

  • Company:Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network
  • Short Bio:Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
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