Partnership Models and Outsourcing

The Department of Health in Newfoundland engaged Partnerships BC to facilitate and outsourcing procurement long-term care facilities in NL in three locations: Cornerbrook, GrandFalls-Windsor area, Gander area and on the Northeast Avalon. Partnerships BC, a Crown Corporation in the Province of British Columbia, with extensive experience in acquiring high quality, reputable care providers for long-term care through a competitive process.

Mark Liedemann, will overview the approach used and overview how such contracts are developed with what input from the key stakeholders to ensure that the overall vision and key design elements are met to support and advance patient care.

As former CEO of Vancouver Island Health Authority, Howard Waldner was instrumental in bringing an outsourcing approach to Vancouver island Health Authority. Howard will speak from the hospital operator perspective as to how this process worked on Vancouver Island and key learnings.

Cliff Harvey brings the Ontario perspective as a senior architect at the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care outlining the financing model and how Ontario faced challenges in integrating the design process into rfp requirements for projects.