Pandemic Resilient Hospitals

As the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is continuing to stress our health care system, it is hitting our hospitals especially hard. In this presentation, we share actionable strategies for how hospital systems, large and small, can implement resilience strategies to support and maintain operations during a pandemic. Infectious diseases are increasingly likely to arise and become more widespread in the future due to climate migration and the growing spread of zoonotic diseases, and the environments of care must be a part of the solution.

Creating facilities that are able to maintain operations during a pandemic is essential. Facilities need to be safe and demonstrate safety to foster public trust and a return to care. Without this, there will continue to be a monumental impact on our health care delivery system, and patients seeking care for conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes or a knee replacement.

The following presentation is intended to help hospital executives, facility directors, and planners with facility investment considerations when designing and renovating spaces to address the current pandemic and increase resilience for the future. It is not meant to be a prescription or to give one answer, but rather to offer priorities and key considerations regardless of the space constraints and offer examples of what this could look like in action.