Tyler Myer, MD

Dr. Tyler Meyer is a Senior Medical Physicist with Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary. He started at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre as an undergraduate summer student in 2003 and did both his PhD work and residency in Calgary before joining the clinical and academic staff. His career has focused on brachytherapy, the surgical application of radioactive isotopes for the treatment of cancer. His research has been supported by the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Institute of Health Research, with work on the development of new treatment techniques such as permanent breast seed implant (PBSI) and the application of three-dimensional ultrasound to gynecological brachytherapy in addition to the development of anthropomorphic phantoms and their training or evaluation techniques for simulation-based education and credentialing. Some of this work was commercialized with his partners through Okolo Health and he was elected a Fellow of the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine for his contributions.

  • Company:Alberta Health Services, University of Calgary
  • Short Bio:Senior Medical Physicist
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