John E. Christie

Director Emeritus of Parkin, John Christie has had a profound influence in the planning and design of healthcare facilities during his 40-year career.  He is actively involved in every aspect of his projects from the first client contact to move-in day and beyond.  John is passionate about creating hospitals that surpass his clients’ expectations.  He is committed to working with medical professionals, hospital administration and patients to arrive at solutions that exceed everyone’s expectations.  He has been a strong advocate for the P3 model and has worked tirelessly and creatively to ensure that its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.  John is highly respected by infrastructure procurement agencies, ministries of health, and P3 contractors.

John’s strength in healthcare planning and design comes alive in user-group meetings, passionately engaging and providing thoughtful responses to all the participants.  His extensive knowledge of clinical practices and operational processes is supplemented by his technical expertise and understanding of building construction.



  • Company:Parkin Architects Limited
  • Short Bio:Director Emeritus
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