Celeste Alvaro, PhD

Celeste is the Principal and founder of Methologica. Methologica is an applied design research, user experience and evaluation firm that specializes in assessing how the design of the built environment impacts human behavior, social interaction, well-being and health at the individual, group and community level. Celeste provides design research, user experience and evaluation expertise on architecture teams and leads the systematic evaluation of capital redevelopment projects that extend to a variety of settings including healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, airports, sports and performance venues, urban design and retail commercial spaces. Celeste’s signature approach involves the creation and execution of large scale programs of research, establishing and engaging collaborative teams including leading international researchers, government partners, architects, designers and hospital leadership/directors and an animated group of field researchers conducting data collection. Key projects include: The Built Environment, Communities and Well-Being, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Providence Care Hospital, West Park Healthcare, St. Michael’s Hospital, CAMH Phase 1C and a Hotel Study.

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