Bryan Darrell

Director, Healthcare Project Services, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Bryan Darrell is the Director, Healthcare Project Services for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Province of Nova Scotia. His portfolio covers all health-related projects valued over $1 million dollars. This position provides the opportunity to examine infrastructure issues at both large facilities and small community-based outlets.

Seldom at a loss for words, Bryan does not hesitate to probe and examine issues, delighting in newfound areas that work well and questioning areas that could be reworked or improved. The model of healthcare as practised in Canada is truly unique in the world. The demands on the system are great and the expectations are limitless.

“As we make the transition from a hands-on manufacturing-based economy to a technology-based economy, our relationship with physical buildings will have to change. We have accomplished this with certain structures, but for some institutions, such as hospitals, it is a harder pill to swallow.”

  • Company:Province of Nova Scotia
  • Short Bio:Director, Healthcare Project Services
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