Addressing Frontline Emergency Care for Seniors

The new Myrna Daniels Seniors Emergency Medicine Centre at UHN’s Toronto Western Hospital is being developed to address the needs of a rapidly aging urban population who have inherited an outdated system largely built with the needs of a younger demographic in mind. As the ‘front porch of healthcare’, emergency departments can provide high impact at a population level through an approach that centers seniors’ relatively more complex emergent care needs. The Centre is designed for patients with mobility, functional and social support challenges and those at high risk for falls, delirium, and other healthcare-related harm.

Hear from clinical and design team leaders who drive Canada’s first purpose-built Seniors Emergency Centre project. Every element, from the lighting to the non-slip floors to acoustics and wayfinding, is being designed to address the unique, most complex needs of older adults and the staff that will serve them. Driven by evidence-based design and leading best practices in geriatric medicine, the centre will address specific clinical outcomes targeted and supported by space design.

How do we better integrate care within the hospital? What type of training will facilitate better operational integration that the build can support?

  • Understand emerging trends in delivering emergency care tailored to the complex needs of seniors.
  • How clinical and design efforts come together to address the prevention and management of delirium.
  • How to go beyond consultation to meaningfully co-create the design with patient and caregiver partners