LEAN: Improving Flow and Efficiencies in Existing and New Builds

Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Surgical Services Lean Planning and Programming
This pre-design operational assessment of Perioperative services at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, aimed to realize opportunities for service delivery improvement and to understand how the spatial configuration of the spaces could be designed to streamline the movement of patients, providers and the clinical functions supporting the operations, such that overall efficiency and the patient experience was optimized. The project delved deep into the operational issues to understand root causes impeding the efficient delivery of surgical services provided to the patient and family, and proposed refined operational processes and space redesign solutions to optimize the patient/family experience and to improve throughput.

Alberta Children’s Hospital, Operational Planning and Programming for NICU Relocation and Expansion
Blue Cottage partnered with Stantec Architecture to fit out a shelled space at ACH to provide Level 3 NICU space, including patient care, as well as clinical and family support spaces. The primary goal was to address existing operational deficiencies within the Calgary Zone and Southern Alberta and improve access and quality of care to meet current national NICU service delivery benchmarks. Blue Cottage completed the operational planning and functional and space program requirements for the new 950 CGSM NICU. User group meetings focused on current needs and future trends. The user groups meetings included a multidisciplinary group of neonatologists, nurses and nurse practitioners, managers, and representatives from biomedical engineering, environmental services, dietary, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology and others.