Keynote, Dr. Ivar Mendez, Remote Presence Robotics and other Advanced Technologies: Improving Surgical Care

Dr. Mendez’s presentation is not available for distribution. However CCHF would like to share a recent article in Healthcare Technology Magazine (Vol. 21, No. 7) by Dr. Ivar Mendez on the Saskatchewan experience he described in his talk.


Saskatchewan experience

The presentation will focus on the use of remote presence robotics and other advanced technologies for surgical care.  It will consider the relationship of the surgeon with the physical environment of the hospital setting and how technology influences the operating room and the postoperative surgical follow-up.  The talk will explore the advent of disruptive future technologies such as brain repair and stem cell restorative therapies on conceptualizing the hospitals of the future and how Saskatchewan’s healthcare system is adapting to embrace technology integration by designing new care environments.