Thano Lambrinos

Thano is Director Business Development, Energy and Digital Services at EllisDon Corporation. Thano has over 12 years experience in the construction industry, serving both the facilities management and redevelopment communities within the Healthcare space. At EllisDon, the role of the Energy and Digital Services team is to provide intelligent building infrastructure, system integration, and energy optimization solutions to healthcare facilities in both new construction and retrofit applications.

As Director of Business Development, Thano’s goal is to help healthcare operators identify opportunities for digital transformation and energy optimization; building customized solutions that improve the patient experience, generate significant long term cost savings, and extend the life cycle of healthcare assets.  Prior to joining EllisDon, Thano was responsible for the Technical Services business unit of a large multi-trade construction contractor, focusing on the delivery of electrical, mechanical and ICAT services, preventative maintenance, engineering, and facility management services to end-user clients.

  • Company:EllisDon
  • Short Bio: Director Business Development, Energy and Digital Services
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