Kim Montague

Kimberly Montague has been a licensed architect for over 25 years and has worked in many capacities; as a project architect, medical planner and healthcare design strategist. In her current role at Herman Miller, she serves as Healthcare Knowledge & Insights Lead, working to develop strategy and research knowledge programs toward innovations in human-centered design. Prior to joining the healthcare team at Herman Miller Inc., Ms. Montague was the Director of Design Consultation Services for Planetree, Inc. As Director of Design Consultation, her primary focus was dedicated to assisting a variety of health care institutions improve not only the patient-centered aspects of care, but also the safety and health of those who work in and are treated at these facilities.

A combination of a passion for healing environments and environmentally conscious design concepts, Kimberly demonstrates commitment to human-centered design by a strong commitment to evidence-based design principles and lean practices as well. By examining the environment from the patient’s perspective, coupled with a personal commitment to promoting health and wellness, her critical eye detects areas within a facility that support healing, or in some cases, can become barriers to furthering safe, effective and efficient healing environments.

Previously recognized by Healthcare Design Magazine as one of health care’s Top 25 Most Influential People in health care design, Kimberly launched the Planetree Visionary Design Network to recognize excellence in creating patient-centered healing environments for architectural and design firms. She currently serves as Vice President for the AIA Detroit Chapter.


  • Company:Herman Miller
  • Short Bio:Healthcare Knowledge and Insights Program Lead
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