Izabela Cawricz

Izabela Cawricz, Project Manager – Planning & Design for Niagara Health.  Niagara Health is a regional healthcare provider with multiple sites and a growing network of community-based services.  As part of the Niagara Health Redevelopment Team, Izabela is working on the planning, design and implementation of the South Niagara Hospital capital project.

Previously working in the private sector as a workplace interior designer, Izabela has translated those skills into project management for healthcare infrastructure projects.  Izabela has championed environment in all of her work through LEED® and more recently the environment for building occupants with a focus on WELL® Building.

Izabela specializes in carrying out all aspects of a project from conception to execution and feedback.  She has extensive experience developing project scopes and objectives, specifying deliverables, and coordinating efforts in completion.  In addition to project management, Izabela is an advocate for environmentally sustainable spaces.

  • Company:Niagara Health
  • Short Bio:Project Manager – Planning & Design
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